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There are at least two gamblers in the game: you and the dealer.
The salary of the dealer is minimum. The most money is made by tips, but players are not obliged to tip the dealer. That�s why they are not guaranteed. So people who work as dealers are gambling that they will earn a decent living from the generosity of their players. Every day that they go to work, their income isn't guaranteed - it's a gamble.
The dealer is om your side, not on the casino�s.
The reason for this is the fact that the salary of the dealer is the tips of the players. 50-80% of the dealer�s income is the tips of the players. Dealers are therefore rooting for the players to WIN, not to lose. If you mistakenly think that craps dealers work for The House then find a casino with hot action at the craps tables and watch how many suits from the pit close in on the action to make sure that the payoffs are correct and that the dealers are not giving away too many secrets to the players. One of the reasons for firing a dealer is his over-exuberance at a hot craps table.
There are no fixed rules about giving the players information about the game. Several years ago dealers were allowed to answer the questions of the players and even to explain the rules, but now the situation has changed. Dealers are not to tell players about the rules or anything about the game. Nowadays there are instructors available in nearly any casino. They give morning classes and teach players to play the game. One Las Vegas Casino actually has classes all day long.
Dealers want your system to work.
Just because dealers know that your system can't beat the house in the long run doesn't mean that they don't hope it works for you in the short term. A good craps dealer will easily recognize a serious player and will soon be positioning the player's wagers so that the player need provide no direction or instruction at all. Often, the dealer will even direct the player as to where he might have overlooked the positioning of odds or place bets to maintain consistency in a pattern of wagers.
Dealers look for ways to provide better service.

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In casino craps, the players place their bets and the casino bank "Covers" Them. In addition to covering every player'S bet, the casino-banked craps game offers many other types of proposition bets. These bets, along with the basic "Pass" And "Don'T pass" Bets, are explained in the accompanying diagram. There are four people actively running the game. The boxman, who sits behind the middle of the table, is the boss. He keeps a constant watch over the game. The two dealers on each side of him pay off the winners and "Rake" In the losers' Chips. Each dealer handles all the players on his side. The table is divided by the center box of proposition bets and also by the stickman, who stands on the players' Side of the table. The stickman controls the action of the dice and the pace of the game. After seeing all bets are down, the stickman pushes a few sets of dice to the shooter. That players selects a pair of dice and is ready to roll them across the table so that they hit the wall at the opposite end. If, on the first roll, you make a 7 or 11, you'Ve rolled a "Natural" And you win. What you win is the equivalent amount of chips you have bet on the pass line. Read more


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