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Together with the game of Craps there appeared a lot of myths about this game. Here is the list of the most popular Craps myths:
If the dice leave the table they will roll a 7 on the following roll.
If another person at least touches the dice you will not win for sure. If it happens players require a new set of dice.
If nobody plays at this very table most player will wait until anybody does. It is thought that the dice are cold and need handled more before they can warm up.
Players who haven�t rolled the dice are called virgin players and they can influence the outcome of the game. Female virgins bring luck. Male virgins are considered bad luck.
The roll by the female shooter will bring more luck.
The odds of the 7 being rolled depend on the number of wrong bettors. The more players make wrong bets the higher the odds of 7 being rolled.
The table get hexed if the player thrown down money on the table while another player is rolling the dice. When the dice hit the new money, they are in for a run of bad luck.
A player on a good roll can�t be disturbed.
If the shooter is in the midst of a hot roll don�t enter the space between the shooter and other players.
Nobody can mention the number 7 during the roll.

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