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Over the years the game of craps has developed a set of unique superstitions. The most popular and maybe the most stupid myths are listed here:
If the dice leave the table they will roll a 7 on the following roll.
The touching of another persons hand by the dice is thought to result in a change in luck for the worse. The way to avoid this is to request a new set of dice from the Boxman.
If nobody plays at this very table most player will wait until anybody does. Most players believe that if nobody plays then the dice are cold and will bring no win.
Players who haven�t rolled the dice are called virgin players and they can influence the outcome of the game. Female virgins are considered good luck. Male virgins are considered bad luck.
The roll by the female shooter will bring more luck.
A wrong bettor at a table will increase the odds of a seven being rolled. The more players betting wrong, the greater the odds of a seven being thrown.
If you throw money down while somebody is rolling the dice you will be able to bewitch the table. This is a sigh of a bad luck.
A player on a good roll can�t be disturbed.
Don't enter the space between a shooter and other players while he/she's in the midst of a hot roll.
Nobody can mention the number 7 during the roll.

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