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Like many other casino games, craps history is a matter to some debate. The history of the dice and the dice games history in general is few thousands years old. But modern craps is much younger - only hundred years old. There are several versions to the "true" craps history, yet there are several facts that are accepted by all experts and historians. First, it is known that the craps game we know and play today originated from an ancient English game called Hazard. One point of view is that an Arabic dice game called "Al Zar" was the ancestor of craps which was brought to Europe by the merchants. Thanks to some evidences for dice games even in Egypt dating back to 2600 BC we can conclude that dice games were really created in the Arabic world. There exist some facts according to which a form of craps was played in the time of the Holy Roman Empire. Soldiers in the Roman Legions used to shave down pig knuckles into the shapes of cubes, and toss them onto their inverted shields as a form of entertainment while in camp. Hence we get the term "to roll the bones". By the 17th century there wasn't a single tavern in England where the game Hazard wasn't played as it became very famous. Many of the nobility played this game in luxuries casinos. Later the game was adopted by the French but the name of it was changed.*The French called this game Craps which is a corruption of "Crabs". Some claim that the French took the game to America while others think it probably went with the British. The history of craps developed and the game got simplified by John H. Winn. The years passed and there was a a decrease in the popularity of craps at the beginning of the 1990's, but the Internet age helped the game to gain popularity again. Everyday thousands of people play online craps.

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When you bet outside you can give the dealer $40 and he places $10 bets on the four, five, nine and ten. The five/nine pay $14 (At 7:5) And the four/ten pay $18 (At 9:5) The combination of the four numbers will roll 14 times (In 36) compared to six times for the seven, giving you more than a 2:1 Advantage. If you continue to place the outside numbers for 36 sample rolls, you�ll win $220 (6 X $18 + 8 x $14) In worst case you�ll lose all $40 six times (From the seven) or $240 - resulting in a net loss of $20. It's unlikely to happen but still, you won�t lose too much money betting in this manner. Wanna know the secrets that the craps pros use to turn the outside numbers into real profit makers? Let'S find out! To turn these outside numbers into profit makers you need to buy all of them instead of placing them. You can buy the four and ten in many casinos for $39 and only pay $1 vig each. You should also be able to buy the five and nine also for $38 with the same $1 vig for each number. So, now you have $38 on the five/nine, and $39 on the four/ten. In 36 theoretical rolls, you should win on these numbers 14 times - three times each on the four and ten, and, four times each on the five and nine. On the four and ten you�ll win $78 (At 2:1) Since the four and ten roll three times each (Total six times) you win a total of $468 (6 X $78) On the five and nine, you�ll win $57 (At 3:2). Since the five and nine roll four times each (Total eight times) you win a total of $456 (8 X $57) So the total possible win (If you win all 14 of your bets) is $468 plus $456 or $924. Read more


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